In an effort to maintain safety measures and ensure physical distancing, we have been visiting our artists in their studios virtually. Double Insight is a new series which offers a glimpse into the artist studio and workplace; the sacred place where creative life and creative process coexist. ⁣

Double Insight
w/Jeff Nachtigall


Jeff Nachtigall was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan & over the past number of years has split his time between Toronto & Montreal.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Regina & further continued his studies at the Illinois State University.

Nachtigall’s work borrows equally from pop culture & art history, merging lowbrow DIY sensibilities with conceptualism.  Pushing the boundaries of postmodern paradigms and exploring the tropes of modernism – Nachtigall’s work borrows from Art Brut, Outsider Art, German Expressionism & Neo Expressionism. Although the materials have evolved, the disregard of formalism is clearly evident & brings the periods of the past, well into the future.

Wild Man 9 / 2015 / 48 x 36 in. / acrylic, latex on paper on birch panel
Wild Man 9 / 2015 / 48 x 36 in. / acrylic, latex on paper on birch panel
Habitat #2 / 2016 / 48 x 36 in. / acrylic, latex on paper on birch panel
Habitat #2 / 2016 / 48 x 36 in. / acrylic, latex on paper on birch panel

Nachtigall’s work is included in a number of permanent collections including the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Nordstrom Corporate Art Collection, RBC Art Collection, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Alberta Foundation for the Arts as well as many other private & corporate collections across North America. Art residencies have taken him to the Banff Centre, Toronto Island, Dominican Republic, Montreal, New Orleans, upstate New York, & now Regina.

Currently, Jeff’s 6000 square foot studio is in an underused warehouse building located in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Last year, Jeff returned to the prairies to visit his family prior to embarking on 3 concurrent residencies in Barcelona, Istanbul & Budapest. However, he never made it to Europe.

 Shortly before departure Jeff suffered a massive heart attack which instantly derailed his year abroad. Since that fateful day, Jeff has been recovering & continues to immerse himself in his studio practice with an unprecedented vigor, vision & intensity. His work has always been expressive & his undertaking of large paintings, impressive to say the least… currently tackling 20 ft canvases with a new found lease on life.

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