Current Exhibition

Larissa Tiggelers / double-bodied

November 20 – January 16, 2021

Jarvis Hall Gallery is pleased to present double-bodied, a new solo exhibition by Toronto / Regina based artist Larissa Tiggelers.

The paintings in double-bodied expand on the unwavering concerns of Tiggelers’ practice. Like her previous work, this new series is deceptively formal, but its seemingly smooth, care-filled surfaces uproot painting’s traditional affinity to gestural authorship. Historically, a painter’s prowess relied on how they wielded their brush and controlled colour. Tiggelers’ work upends these doctrines by refusing to convey meaning through brush-based gestures. Instead of authorial description, she offers spaces for pause and reprieve. What initially appears flat and stable is, in fact, raised, quietly dynamic, and full of rich and spatially complex colour. By rejecting conventional colour theory’s efforts to standardize and rationalize colour, she insists on colour’s unknowability and vitality. With sustained looking, her paintings’ soft surfaces expand and their hues shift. This slow unfolding offers a counterpoint to the incessant scrolling and whiplash speed of contemporary life.

up front w/ Yvonne Mullock

November 20 – January 16, 2021

Jarvis Hall Gallery is pleased to present Yvonne Mullock’s DARK HORSE.

DARK HORSE is a multifaceted body of work that uses iconic symbols synonymous with cowboy culture – the stetson hat and horse as tropes to explore Calgary’s long and entwined history of ranching and the city’s historic annual Stampede event. Using print, video and sculpture DARK HORSE explores an innovative horse-centric printmaking method and invites viewers to delve into cowboy identity and Western mythologies that hover over the history, collective memory and folklore traditions in Calgary.

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