John Will / Greed’l Get You

July 10 – August 29 / 2020

Greed’l Get You, a new exhibition of text-based work by Calgary artist John Will, continues an investigation into his fascination with his own origins in the world as an individual and an artist. Will is known as a trickster but it is beneath this dimension of his work that the viewer finds the depth of the message in his pictorial epistles. Over the course of his career, Will has worked intuitively in his creation of satirical and dark texted-based paintings and works on paper. Through a process of collecting fragments of language, he stitches together statements and sentences that are the inspiration for the work. The pieces in Greed’l Get You were selected from his “Book of Wont” where Will has been cataloging his artwork since 2015. There are over 838 works in this series, 198 of which are included in the exhibition, as well as the book itself. These works brought together at Jarvis Hall Gallery become a narrative, not only tracing aspects of Will’s life but also the life we all live in 21st century Western culture. This lends the exhibition a strong critique of the ethos of our current reality

-Maeve Hanna


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