Upcoming Exhibitions

Rachel MacFarlane / Memory Gardens

October 19 – November 17, 2018

Opening Reception / Friday, October 19 / 5-8 PM 
 JHG is pleased to invite you to our first solo exhibition with Brooklyn based, Canadian artist Rachel MacFarlane. We hope you will join us next Friday, October 19th between 5-8 pm for the opening reception when the artist is in attendance. 

Memory Gardens is a series of paintings that depict personal memories of landscapes. The works lament the landscape, and manufacture new places through the process of painting. The foundation for each painting is a memory, allowing each to tell a unique narrative. For over a decade, MacFarlane has been building maquettes as a way to enter the process of painting. Lately, her models are made from paper in shallow boxes no bigger than a postcard. The constructions depict gardens, mountains, waterways, rock formations and other sites of landscape. She then lights these makeshift miniature spaces and uses them as the observational foundation for the paintings. The maquettes allow her to capture temporal light, physical form, and to create coloured atmospheres. She acts like a studio-based plein air painter among these miniature paper gardens. Through this process she fabricates a new place, building it from the residue of memory, and the humble material of paper.

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Tyler Los-Jones / ART TORONTO / Solo Booth S6

October 25 – 29, 2018

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Robin Arseneault / Double Healing

November 23 – December 23, 2018

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